PETA Must Really Not Like Rappers

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As fur seems to be a never dying trend in hip-hop, popping up in all shapes, sizes, and colors; it would be safe to assume that PETA is likely to hold a strong distaste for most rapper’s animal laced attires. Gathering up a few pics of the most ridiculous fur coats we could find, XXL presents “PETA Must Not Like Rappers.”


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  • HipHopHead999

    Smh. By compiling this article, y’all provided PETA and other anti-animal fur organizations with an go-to link for evidence to use in an argument about how Rap negatively affects the environment/nature and influences people to buy fur coats.

    • Backslap_Bob

      If they want something to keep their no-job selves busy, they should come to Toronto, where every goddamn hipster has cougar fur on their coats. It’s an epidemic here, man.

  • Alex

    RIP Cookie Monster and Big Bird