Lil Wayne And Mack Maine Tweet That Friend Was Wrongfully Killed By Police

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Lil Wayne and Mack Maine hung out with a childhood friend from Hollygrove just a day before he was killed by police. Family and friends of Keith “Magik” Atkinson are looking for answers as to why the innocent bystander was gunned down by a New Orleans law official during a shoplifting emergency call, especially since the victim wasn’t the culprit of the theft.

An official report from NOLA’s Times-Picayne publication reads: Police arrived at the store around 9:20 a.m., responding to a call of a man in a blue shirt stealing a case of juice, according to witnesses who were in the store at the time. Atkinson, who was wearing a blue shirt, was standing near the store as the officers pulled up, witnesses said. But Atkinson wasn’t the shoplifter, several people said in interviews with | The Times-Picayune, making his shooting death all the more grievous. It was another man who showed up at the store, took a case of Little Hug fruit juice and yelled at the cashier who had scolded a child for spilling the juice drink in the store, said Royleisha Wesley, 21, who was at the store with her boyfriend Zaairvert Williams, 20.

Lil Wayne and Mack Maine took to Twitter to mourn over the loss of their close friend.




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  • 86TiLLiDiE

    Now thas messed up he wasn’t even tha shoplifter!!! Even the witnesses who saw tha robbery said it wasnt Magic and he still got gunned down.

    “Law Enforcers”

    • SikNtired

      I bet you this won’t be on the news but those cops actions should be brought to attention.

  • IconKain

    This is the perfect time for Wayne and Mack to use their star power to make a difference and make sure the cops are held responsible for this or they just gone keep killing us. and then blame it on a beverage. And even it was him the guns were not called for they got mase bull clubs and Tasers so why did they need a gun for a shoplifter aging. assuasive use of force.