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Mack Maine



Lil Wayne and Mack Maine hung out with a childhood friend from Hollygrove just a day before he was killed by police. Family and friends of Keith “Magik” Atkinson are looking for answers as to why the innocent bystander was gunned down by a New Orleans law official during a shoplifting emergency call, especially since the victim wasn't the culprit of the theft.

An official report from NOLA's Times-Picayne publication reads: Police arrived at the store around 9:20 a.m., responding to a call of a man in a blue shirt stealing a case of juice, according to witnesses who were in the store at the time. Atkinson, who was wearing a blue shirt, was standing near the store as the officers pulled up, witnesses said. But Atkinson wasn't the shoplifter, several people said in interviews with NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune, making his shooting death all the more grievous. It was another man who showed up at the store, took a case of Little Hug fruit juice and yelled at the cashier who had scolded a child for spilling the juice drink in the store, said Royleisha Wesley, 21, who was at the store with her boyfriend Zaairvert Williams, 20.