KiD CuDi is in a zone. After announcing the release of the new EP Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon last month, he recently revealed that his creative juices had allowed him to instead make an album. In a recent sit-down with MTVNews, Cudder explained how the EP transformed into an LP and said the forthcoming release is his finest to date. "It was supposed to be this mini little thing for the fans and it ended up forming a life of its own," stated Cudi. "I'm really excited because it's my best work and it's a surprise. People weren't really expecting it. I was just on fire creatively."

According to the Cleveland MC, despite now being full-length project, the album will still fall in line with the chronology of his previous and future works. "It starts where Indicud left off perfectly, and takes you right into MOTM III," Cudi said. "It's like a TV show that ends with that cliffhanger. The album ends that way, where you get that one song and before you know it, the song is over and the album is over, but there's a 'to be continued...' There's more to the story."

Check out the entire interview, below.

[via MTVNews]