Just Blaze chopped it up with Noisey and the super-producer listed his top pet peeves. While explaining what annoys him most as a musician, the Blueprint collaborator shared a funny story on the origin of him and Jay Electronica's lengthy friendship stemming from the Exhibit A rapper stealing his screen name.

"Jay Electronica and I had some mutual associates that told me that he existed, but in the mean time, he actually stole my AOL messenger screen name and started hitting me up online," says Just Blaze. "At first I was thinking that it was a little awkward, but it lead to a long friendship. He wasn't stalking me on some "I need music" shit, he was mostly just asking me for advice. Sometimes it was about music and how to navigate the business, and sometimes it was just about life. He just had some deep questions that led to even deeper conversations, and that's how we became friends. And it's all because he stole my AOL screen name."

[via Noisey]