Jay Electronica And His Rich Girlfriend Are Scaring Their Friends

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    PHOTO BY MICHAEL DUNLEA 20.09.03Wedding of Ben Goldsmith and Kate Rothschild at St Marys Church Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk...

A story was reported in Dailymail that Jay Electronica is a bad influence to his girlfriend Kate Rothschild, a mother-of-three and heiress to one of the world’s most illustrious banking dynasties. The once married housewife in 2005 went through a total transformation since then, leaving her affluent husband Ben Goldsmith in 2012 after he found out of Kate and Jay’s year long affair while reading her text messages. Now Kate is the manager/girlfriend of Jay Elc and many of her friends are worried that her lifestyle is beneath her. You can look at the couple above.



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  • Reggie Osse

    So racist.

    • Anthony M

      basically Reggie. I mean lets put every stereotype about minorities in this one article and see if people believe it. We still believe in you Mr. Flowers, we still believe in you.

  • Anthony M

    DailyMail just delayed Act II and III another seven years. This is why Jay doesn’t want to engage with any of us (fans). None of that was true other than Jay likes JD and the herbal on occasion (or did).

  • http://www.crackheadrich.tumblr.com/ DR. FILIBUSTER

    LOL wow talk about racism!? And “Classism”??

  • danielbourgious

    Terrible coverage. Why do they only push photos or her and her ex-husband in good condition, then include one photo of her and Jay Electronica in a moment when they’ve obviously just got done some type of work.