Biggest Change Since Signing With TDE

Isaiah: Learning to shut up, learning how to be quiet, learning how to play the background and be the lil homie. I'm used to being the big homie with my friends, but I'm only 22 and these guys are hella older than me, so if anything it's probably the best thing that could happen to me, being around some people who have been around forever, to just chill out, pick up stuff and pay attention.


"R.I.P. Kevin Miller"

Isaiah: It's not a tribute. None of my songs are tributes. I don't even like the sound of that. It can just be relevant to it—the hook was relevant to Master P, because it was taken from "Weed And Money." I was just dropping names throughout the whole track, so I just picked "R.I.P. Kevin Miller." I just thought it was cool. I feel like you can only rap good as fuck for so long without the other side—the titles gotta be interesting, the stories behind them gotta be interesting. Half the time, the reason why I made this song is to be cooler than this song I made, at least to me. But I wouldn't tell nobody that.


Moving To California

Isaiah: Being on somebody else's schedule that's supposed to be my schedule, like a schedule that somebody else has set for me outside of myself, that's probably the weirdest transition. Other than that, it's cool. Nothing has been too dramatic. It's been a pretty good gradual change with everything...except the food. The food sucks. All food since I've moved sucks. I haven't had a home cooked meal in like a year, and I'm not used to that. But other than, man, everything is cool, I don't mind fast food every once in a while. But I hate In-N-Out Burger. Fatburger is bomb, but not In-N-Out Burger.



Isaiah: I keep watching documentaries about prison and, like, indigenous villages and people, some sociology stuff. I be looking at that most of the time, the National Geographic stuff. I like stuff on Guantanamo Bay, too. I'm more into comedies, though. Or dramadies. And firsthand documentaries. You heard of Snow On Tha Bluff? Watch that one, it's the realest. It's this dude, Curtis Snow in Atlanta. I'm not sure if it's a documentary or a mockumentary, but it follows him for a week of his life, and it's crazy. Crazy.



Isaiah: You see the stuff with Iceland? The mermaid stuff? Not a real-life mermaid, a mermaid is like some fairy tale, but it was some type of animal nobody had ever seen before. It was like, humanoid. It had arms and lungs, and it was built like a mermaid. Except it's not pretty, it looks like a fish. Creepy. Iceland. I'm cool with all that stuff.

mermaid sighting

What's Coming Up In 2014

Isaiah: My first answer would be the most non-musical stuff. A bed, a comfortable-ass bed that I'm gonna get when I come back to Carson after the tour. I'm gonna get the most comfortable bed. I anticipate putting everybody out of my room, that's what I'm most looking forward to in 2014. It ends in June, but I'm pretty sure my time on the road won't end after that. But whenever I get back to the crib, I'm putting everybody out of my room, and that's it.
Punch: Your new bed is your bunk on the tour bus.
Isaiah: Until I get that new Serta mattress. It's gonna be too gangsta.

serta hanford plush