Fake Twitter Account Causes Chaos With Lil Boosie Release Rumors


Wondering why Lil Boosie is trending on Twitter right now, well a fake TMZ account is to blame. As the social page tweeted that Lil Boosie had been freed only to be locked up again 30 minutes later, the allegations caused Twitter to go in complete uproar.

The site reported that Lil Boosie was released today but due to a whopping $80K in back child support, officials immediately called the Louisiana rapper right back into prison. XXL spoke to Boosie’s camp confirming that those whispers are indeed false.

As it has been confirmed that the rapper will be released in the upcoming weeks, an exact release date has yet to be announced.

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  • JYungStar

    Free Boosie Frfr doe

    • Deannetta Dede Hurd

      Free my baby boosie bad asd

    • Terrell Summerford

      You mean foreal foreal though?

      • Your bitch


      • Thomas M. Rowe Jr.

        shut dafuq up nigga u take a L for dat hoe ass shit

  • vanchi

    4s up

  • Thomas M. Rowe Jr.

    petty ass niggas, fuck tmz

  • Nerrrrrrrrrri

    * FREE MY FAVORITE RAPPER BOOSIE . . if it wasn’t for BOOSIE , I wouldn’t be the PERSON I am TODAY . he 100 . .

  • martiyona

    man this is messed up on god come on god help him and his fans like me we praying for u

  • Sunshinegirl

    Well, the source of the link should’ve been the giveaway that it was fake. Sigh…. How and why do people fall for these things?