Of all things, Diddy is under fire for stiffing a waitress over Superbowl weekend. According to TMZ, the mogul and his crew rang up over a $200 tab at a popular NYC bar and didn't leave any gratuity behind.

Hitting the Dream Hotel to celebrate the football famed weekend in NYC, the hotel's bar is now calling Diddy out on it's Facebook page for his cheap antics. "Although [Diddy's] Net worth is in the millions, he felt it necessary to stiff a hard working young girl for $40 bucks. What a gentleman....!!!," wrote Dream Hotel.

The bar maintains that they repeatedly checked on their superstar guest, getting his approval that their service was "A-ok." After combs and his crew left the venue, the workers were stunned to discover that Diddy had left no tip and the hotel has taken things a step further, now publicly shaming him for the matter.

[via TMZ]

(Can't Diddy catch a break too?)