Bow Wow Behind the Scenes


It's often that sports fans read headlines about some of their favorite athletes getting caught doing some nonsense that gets them in trouble with the authorities. One would think that once money starts flowing and the celebrity status reaches a certain level that the illegal activities would take a backseat as the athletes, who make anywhere from tk to tk a year, enjoy their fame and fortune, but, unfortunately, that isn't always the case.

Just this week alone, newly-signed Knicks player Jason Kidd was arrested for DUI after his SUV crashed into a telephone pole in Southampton; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt was arrested (again) for driving under the influence in Kentucky; and Terrell Owens went to court in Atlanta, Georgia, in hopes of convincing a judge not to throw him in jail for missing $20K in child support payments.

And these are just some of the latest examples of the buffoonery committed by pros. So, XXL's Good Life decided to put together a list of some of the dumbest crimes committed by sports players.—Christopher Minaya


Bow Wow is teaming up with Michael Vick to start a du-rag company. Vick took to Twitter to announce the business venture, which includes durags, skull caps, pomades, brushes, and other top notch hair care necessities. According to the brand's website, Wavemasterz plans to "set ya city on FIRE," so stay tuned for more details on Bow Wow and Michael Vick's upcoming project.