"The Rockers"


“Know I hit you with the dropkick, Marty Janetty”


Action Bronson chopped it up with comedian duo The Champs for an entertaining 80 minute conversation that included a lot of hilarious personal anecdotes from the former XXL Freshman. During the hour long clip, Bronsolino explained why he doesn't wear pants anymore, that he's still earning $6,000 a month from his 2011 project Dr. Lecter, his plans to introduce dab to the hip-hop, that he smokes weed with his mom, how he learned to cook, and much more.

The Blue Chips 2 rapper also discussed Kendrick Lamar's controversial "Control" record, and called the responses to the track "embarrassing," while also criticizing the current state of music. “I can’t relate to the shit [music] that goes on nowadays, it’s not for me,” said Bronson.

Stream the complete interview above.