50 Cent Wants To Get Hip-Hop More Involved In NASCAR


Earlier today it was announced that 50 Cent partnered his SMS Audio line with NASCAR. The venture is with  Swan Racing and they will advertise 50′s company on both vehicles and driver suits. But Why http://espn.go.com/blog/music/post/_/id/6709/50-cent-talks-nascar-deal-melo-streep? 50 spoke to ESPN about it his fascination for cars. “Well, it’s collaboration between SMS and Swan Racing,” says Mr. Jackson. “ attended the Daytona 500 last year and there was so much publicity — and an awkward moment: I was saying hi to [reporter] Erin Andrews and she turned around right at the same time, and I almost kissed her. It got 10 million views online. And I enjoyed myself [at the race] and I became open to the idea. I watched it a lot on TV and hung out with [drivers] at parties, but that was the first race I actually attended. ”

He would also discuss how he wants to get hip-hop more involved in the sport and the lack of diversity in the sport. “Yeah, for me to be in this space, it’s not common for them to do this. With their tradition in marketing, you end up — where you have huge success is when you go outside of that cookie-cutter mentality and the norms. Hip-hop culture is exposed to the point where it’s pop culture now. Even skateboarding is a part of hip-hop culture. So a lot of viewers of NASCAR, they actually choose hip-hop culture as a preference in music. They played hip-hop music while I was at the Daytona 500. Hip-hop is already there. It’s just about them actually getting involved more.

[via ESPN]

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  • Theodore Pendergrass

    No Thanks 50, It’s no way u gonna get a brother to sit still and watch cars go around n circles for a couple hours.

    • some guy

      LMAOOO word

  • trinity929

    I believe in the Drive for Diversity effort, I always have. I have only been a race fan for the past 13 years and I can literally see the difference at the events. The first race I attended I think I saw one other black person. The most recent race I attended there was many. Its not all about watching cars go around in a circle…it takes a lot to skill, money and effort to get those cars on the track. But its not meant for everyone….-signed a black female race fan!

  • David Rose

    Stay out of Nascar ape

  • David Rose

    Coke head blacks stay away from NASCAR, you are not welcome at our tracks