Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo*

Tupac influenced me because he rhymed about the street stuff, the struggle. You’d see him in the streets. He get shot five times. You think, This guy’s invincible. And he comes back with his records that he’s not biting his tongue. I felt like everything was real about ’Pac.

Late last night, Tony Yayo interacted with fans back and forth via Instagram comments and shared some heartbreaking news about G-Unit. According to the Queens OG, the Guerilla Unit is no more, because 50 Cent doesn't mess with him and Lloyd banks anymore.

“50 ain’t rocking with me and Banks the same. I layed my life down for the unit but you live and you learn,” claimed the "Curious" rapper. Yayo also went on announce his retirement from rap. “Too much stress. I flew the world already. Dropped an album. Time to try new things and the Unit not together. Fuck it,” he said. The original picture containing the comment conversation has been deleted, but snapshots of the exchange can be found on RapDose.