Kanye West’s Latest Album Goes Platinum

KanyeYeezusYeezus has officially been certified platinum, making Kanye West a perfect six for six with albums hitting the one million mark in sales. Yeezus joins The College DropoutLate RegistrationGraduation808s & Heartbreaks, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, as Ye’s solo artistic offerings to reach the milli plateau. Kanye West and Jay Z’s Watch The Throne also hit the seven digit club in sales, giving Yeezus a bible referencing perfect seven for seven in platinum albums.


Congratulations to Kanye West!

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  • whoa

    These Kardashian Family Hoes is like on some Agent Provocateur/Set-Up type
    shit. The man was in Paris, FAR AWAY from any of this kinda bullshit and
    whatever other threats that made him rap, “I moved my family out the
    country, so ya’ll can’t see where I stay..” Now ever since he dropped a
    seed with this Human Cum-Dumpster, he’s in the same city where his mama
    died constantly and exposed out in the open, he’s talking like a Valley
    Girl, he’s on all kinda screwball shit. If she’s worth MILLIONS, she
    should have her own fucking security, she should not be jumping on the
    phone calling somebody who is already HOT and got a Paparazzi case and
    an overall negative opinion of him right now and egging him on to catch
    another fuckin’ case for her ego. How you gonna defend the honor of a
    bitch who has none? That’s the equivalent of the nigga Trayvon Lane
    tapping Tupac and pointing out Orlando Anderson on some “revenge for
    chain-snatching/gang-banging” bullshit while Pac had the number one
    record in the country, movies in the can, and was ALREADY out on bail.
    This bitch couldn’t think of NOBODY else to call? Well wtf is the money
    for then?? Man…..These Kardashian Hoes are some
    Succubus/Wicca/52-Fake-Out/Kryptonite Snatch having ass bitches man. He
    needs to get far and away from that family. They gonna be his downfall.

  • Tyler Durden

    Album is still garbage, Record sales don’t mean a damn thing !!!

    • justchaz

      “Album is still garbage” and then “Record sales do not mean a thing!!!” One of the least pondered, most inane things ever said. If not for the scientific fact that it came from a brain, it could have as easily come from an anus, which then begins the question about the brain it came from.

      • Tyler Durden

        What the hell are you babbling about ???

        • justchaz

          Yup, as I said, clueless. Try harder next time. Moving on.

          • Tyler Durden

            Are you a Kanye stan little Troll ???

  • Alwin Real

    kanye and kim bought 500,000 of those and had kim’s fam buy the rest lol. before the stans go crazy, its a joke guys just a joke