The Ten Commandments Of Yeezianity


Yesterday (Jan. 14), it was reported that an avid Kanye West fan had started a new religion based on the Chicago rapper, birthing Yeezianity. The idea evolved into a doctrine only one month ago, and even though it’s in its early stages, Yeezianity already has established beliefs called the 5 Pillars. Kanye hasn’t weighed in on the religion yet, but chances are the self-proclaimed God would be flattered. The man who founded Yeezianity wants to remain anonymous and welcomes new fellow disciples also to join anonymously, which you can do through the founder’s ad on Craigslist.

Well today, XXL joined the church and received the 10 commandments of Yeezianity. Check them out below. Praise Yeezus.

  I. I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me other than Steve Jobs.

II. Thou shalt not use Kanye’s namesake for profit, lest ye want to get shut down like Coinye.

III. Thou shalt not take the name of thy Lord Yeezus in vain.

IV. Remember thy leather jogging pants. Keep it holy.

V. Honor thy Kim and Kanye.

VI. Thou shalt not let anyone finish speaking unless it’s Beyonce.

VII. Thou shalt always eat your food on Hermes plates.

VIII.  Thou shalt rant whenever, wherever possible.

IX. Thou shalt not bear false witness about Kim and go untouched.

X. Thou shalt never get answers from Sway.

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  • LuiKang

    What about “IT AINT RALPH THO!!!”

  • JMG

    Dumbest thing ever, y’all reaching hard for this one even in jest y’all playing y’all selves hard. Lord Have Mercy!

  • YHWHredeemed

    Jesus Christ is sitting in Heaven watching how people mocks him. He is giving you time to repent and believe he died for your sins…because we are all sinners. He is coming back not as a baby, or on a cross, but as a KING!

    • I_love_God

      Amen!!!!!! YHWHredeemed. people gonna mock Jesus, til he comes calling. if they dont repent now then they will face what is gonna happen.

  • fuckinyogirl

    hahaha this shit is funny as hell

  • Guest

    Can…can we crucify him?

  • Laura Black

    I was hoping we would leave all things Kanye in 2013..

  • chuck norris

    thou shall never get answer from sway made laf