In the midst of mourning his family's loss, Wiz Khalifa caught up with MTV on Monday afternoon to celebrate Imani Porter's life.

The rapper shared a heartwarming memory his family will always hold on to, telling MTV News: "I remember his smile. He had the biggest, biggest smile. He's just a handsome, young man; he's always going to be with us."

The Pittsburgh native also used to platform to speak on his family's behalf and to send a message to the black cloud that plagues his hometown, reminding the city's civilians that violence isn't always the answer.

"We're doing well, actually. He was a lot younger than us, so it's really unfortunate," said Wiz. He then added, "Being from where I'm from, Pittsburgh, it's an up-and-down type of place. Right now, it's not really a good time, and unfortunately, it hit home, so we're all sad."

We wish Wiz Khalifa and his family our condolences in their time of need.