Denitra Sherrelle Green and Cessica Desha Darden are currently in custody after being accused of robbing a Jay Z fan of his eight tickets, and then proceeding to run him over with their vehicle.

According to Houston’s Local10, the victim put up his eight #MCHG Tour tickets for sale on Craigslist, and agreed to meet with a buyer at a local coffee shop.

The official court documents confirm the man met the two twenty-year-old suspects at Starbucks, and was asked to meet them outside the coffee shop because they couldn't leave a child in their vehicle. The police report states Green was driving, Darden was in the passenger seat and Darden's baby was in the back seat.

Once the seller approached the victim’s vehicle, they attempted to drive off with the tickets after surveying their validity via a cracked window. The man tried to stop his tickets from being stolen, which lead to Denitra Sherrelle Green and Cessica Desha Darden to continue accelerating the car with his arm stuck in between the passenger window.

While hanging on for his life, the victim pleaded both to stop the car,  but Green refused. After a struggle, Darden kicked him loose–which is when the driver decided to run him over.

The victim left the ordeal with broken left arm, broken right hand, broken right leg, a torn right knee and severe road rash to his face and body. Due to his injuries suffered, the victim may not be able to walk the same, lose full function from his now deformed fingers, and may need plastic surgery for his appearance.

The suspects were arrested at their seats in the midst of Jay Z performing during the 12/15/13 show at Houston’s Toyota Center and are being held at $30,000 each.