Twitter Reacts To The 2014 Grammy Awards


The Grammys kicked off early today and it did not disappoint. With a dynamic performances by Beyonce and Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragon, Pharrell’s hat capturing the attention of the world, and Macklemore grabbing four Grammys, tonight was pretty great. The hip-hop community definitely had a lot to say on Twitter during the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Check out hip-hop’s reactions to the 2014 Grammy Awards.

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  • Kody Scott

    they did kendrick wrong man . this wack non rapping ass wacklamore got 4 grammy’s and they ain’t give my nigga kdot atleast one? wacklamore rapping about buying shit from the thrift store and gay people getting married and they call that hip hop? and the year b4 they give drake grammy over nas for best rap album when half of drake shit was singing? either they don’t know about hip hop or they don’t care. #neverwillwatchgrammy’sagain.

  • i dont see humor in this

    Yup the hip hop community is cheesed

  • Infinite8

    DAMN!!! 2 Spacemen won album of the year REALLY???!!!! BS!!! How the hell does LORDE!!! WIN SO MANY DAMN AWARDS MAN!!! Kendrick couldn’t get half a damn Grammy man!!!! BS MAN!!! If Kendrick would of gotten ONE I would of been cool !!!! Im shocked !!!!

  • Infinite8

    Side note, Kendrick killed that performance!!! I don’t know what the hell he was saying at the end, but homeboy WENT OFF AND ZONED OUT AND RIPPED IT !!!!! MAD PROPS!!!

  • Jennifer Lopez

    I am mad this wasn’t up yesterday I was going super hamm!! But first I am going to review some comments and if it pisses me off again I will write something. lol