Vlad TV recently sat down with Chicago MC Twista to delve into the violence that continues to plague his home city today. According to the above segment, the Choppa style rapper feels that today's surge in social media use leads to heightened egos within the youth, which subsequently contributes to Chi-town's ongoing street brutality.

“It’s hard, man. We got the highest taxes. Ain’t nobody got no money. These kids ain’t got nothing to do. And they going at each other. And then, one thing I see that’s different—like they was killing each other back then, but we didn’t have social media back then. Like I think social media contributes to it too. Not that it’s a bad thing. Anything you get you’re gonna have goods and bads with it. So, I think one of the bads that comes out of it is these shorties try so hard to impress each other. They got egos, man. They just going at each other real hard right now.”

Earlier in the interview, Twista talked about the violence that occurs in all urban areas as part of a bigger systematic scheme. He then later elaborates his thoughts on Chief Keef, whose image and music alike creates controversy in the realm of Hip-hop.

Despite maintaining a low profile, Twista released his Back To The Basics EP, which descended Dec. 10, via GMG Entertainment. The mixtape is comprised of seven original tracks.

Watch Twista weigh in up top.

[via Vlad TV]