Tupac’s Interviews Get Turned Into A Mixtape

tupac interviews

New Orleans producer CrackTracks rung in the new year by releasing an EP titled Tupac Interviews, which was uniquely created by adding Tupac dialogue over original production.

The mixtape examines who Tupac was as a revolutionary rapper, exploring politics, his music and life.

Tupac Interviews; a brief journey examining the politics, music and life of a Revolutionary. Tupac was and still is the most prolific rap artist of all time. Tupac’s unapologetic lyrics were relevant, important, and reflective of the hard lives of many black people; a man whose music was filled with prophecy and truly portrayed the harsh realities most of us face.

Stream Tupac Interviews below.

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  • ra

    why? id rather hear them in their original form without the distracting music.

  • Jackyyy

    Fucking stupid, listen to the words of wisdom, you don’t need shitty background music to do that

  • Craig

    While its a thoughtful sentiment it wasn’t fully thought out, While I’ve always said Tupac interviews are better than his music(especially the in depth ones, but I dont think I feel to good about this, this trivializes his words the music is overkill an drowns out an muddles his message, if people actually want to hear his wisdom an knowledge they should take the time to search for it cause all his videos on youtube and I’ve listened to them all even though he was a young guy with peer pressure an pitfalls he still puts 25 year olds to shame in his train of thought in 2014 he just never had the chance to fully mature. To the young folk who always screaming Tupac was gansta, actually Tupac was thoughtful an mentally conscious at 24 while most of u are asleep today.


    he never sold out he stayed the same

  • FahadQtr

    Can someone take out the music ? who ever made this what was he fucking thinking , how can I listen to him with all this shitty music !!

  • FahadQtr

    at least keep it down god daaaaaaamit