Saigon is the latest rapper to critique President Barack Obama's tenure as head of state. In an interview with VLADTV, the NY-based rapper speaks on the lack of Obama's infamous campaign slogan: "Because Obama came in with the whole 'change.' His whole thing was 'change.' And I love Barack Obama, and I love what he's done so far, but I haven't seen a change."

Saigon elaborated on the exact political affairs where the Obama administration did not deliver, "I don't see no transparency in the government like he promised. I don't see no less military action... The troops went from Iraq to Afghanistan. And the whole thing with drones, that shows you that he doesn't yield that much power, because everything he said would be different is still the same. We still at war, we still banging out, the people have still fucked up healthcare. I know you can't change something overnight, but don't continue the war... I still hear him use the term 'The War on Terror,' when that was all propaganda! There was never really a War on Terror."