The RZA is ready to defend his throne as hip-hop's head chess master at this year's Hip Hop Chess Federation's celebrity tournament. The Chess Kings Invitational will take place on Valentine's Day in California. The proceeds will go toward starting after-school programs in South Central Los Angeles.

RZA, the company's Director of Outreach, and HHCF's founder, Adisa “Bishop” Banjoko, will each choose a high school to receive donations. The Shaolin native has yet to decide on an institution, while Adisa named local Santee High School as one of the fundraiser's beneficiaries.

If you're not a fan of pawns and rooks, the Hip Hop Chess Federation will also facilitate other educational events that day, including the Mind Over Matter Panel, which will feature martial artists, teachers and other celebrated chess masters spreading knowledge via a roundtable discussion.

In addition to raising funds, The Chess Kings Invitational hopes to promote hip-hop, chess and martial arts as outlets young people can use to unite and maintain a non-violent outlook on life.

The Wu-Tang Clan's sonic mastermind was victorious at the event's inaugural competition in 2007 and is looking forward to facing upcoming challengers, releasing an official statement saying: "I am looking forward to the upcoming chess battle at the HHCF Chess Kings Invitational in Los Angeles."