Rick Ross Is Suing LMFAO Over “Party Rock Anthem” Lyrics


Rick Ross doesn’t take artists stealing his lyrics kindly.

The Maybach Music leader is suing LMFAO for copyright infringement, stating the catchy lyric from their 2010 hit “Party Rock Anthem” is very similar to Ross’ single “Hustlin.” The duo uses “Everday I’m shufflin’” that rips off “Everyday I’m hustln’.”

The lawsuit claims:

“The use of ‘Hustlin” in ‘Party Rock Anthem’ is readily apparent, despite the slight change from ‘Everyday I’m hustlin’. . . ‘to ‘Everyday I’m shufflin’. . . ” and constitutes, inter alia, the creation of an unauthorized derivative work. To boot, the suit, which was filed in a Florida federal court, states that LMFAO’s performance of the lyric is similar to Ross’ making it “an obvious attempt to capitalize on the fame and success of ‘Hustlin.’”

Ross and “Hustlin’” co-composer Jermaine Jackson are seeking an injunction and maximum statutory damages from LMFAO. Although no figures have been revealed, the amount could be quite substantial considering the song sold 7.5 million copies to date. It is also used in a variety of shows, video games, advertisements, and the phrase has been plastered on items apart of LMFAO’s Party Rock Clothing line.

[via Hollywood Reporter]

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  • Robby

    Get the fuck outta here with your fat tits Ross. This shit happens on the daily, it’s just the way hip-hop is

  • JRich205

    LMAO give freeway ricky ross back his name… fuck out of here man!!!

  • guttaman

    Bawse Ross is really on some BS with this. Plus almost every rapper has used samples at some point. Ross even borrowed his “Ugggh” from Biggie

  • Rock Rod

    Isn’t he kinda like,….late on this lol? That song use to b on the radio a while back, it’s def “old” by music standards. Plus I honestly can’t recall the last time I heard it, bc obviously we put in CDs, who listens to the radio in they car unless you’ve got some serious Sirius, get it!