Rap Veterans Who Are Bothered By Today’s Hip-Hop

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    Scarface sat in jail from October 2010 to August 2011after failing to cough up $123K in child support. Scarface spoke on the matter stating, "In the system, when your kids get grown and you pay all this money direct and it's time for the money to stop being issued out, they gonna want to appeal because there ain't no more money coming in no more," he said to "RapFix" host Sway. "So they may go and say you ain't pay nothing, so that how it go."
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    Scarface has accumulated double digits when it comes to albums released, and that is not including the projects he helped crank out as a member of the Geto Boys. With <em>The Diary</em>, <em>The Untouchable</em> and <em>My Homies</em> each earning a platinum plaque while <em>Mr. Scarface Is Back</em>, <em>The World Is Yours</em> and <em>The Last of a Dying Breed</em> achieving gold ones, it is hard to understand why the Texas legend has no Grammys to his name.
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Houston hip-hop legend Scarface told XXL last week that hip-hop has lost its soul, claiming that in this day and age, lyrics are being dumbed down because everyone is so focused on turning up.

“I feel like our music was dumbed down,” the Houston legend said in a phone interview, echoing a number of his peers who have vocalized similar frustrations recently. “I grew up listening to great music that molded my character and my artistry, that helped me. You got to look at it. Look at the music that came out 25 years ago. Now match it up to the music that came out today. There’s no comparison to it. I go back to the same question that I always ask. Who stole the soul?”

It’s a question that is asked repeatedly from many of the old guard of hip-hop, as lyricism is eroded in favor of easy hooks and club bangers. And Scarface is not alone. Over the past few years, a number of hip-hop veterans have questioned the state of the genre compared to their own glory days. XXL has compiled a list of a few of those who have made their issues public in recent months, from Big Daddy Kane to Chuck D to Nas.

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  • Kevin Kim

    i posted a very long comment on the satanic symbols like the ring j has on in beyonce 4th installment video & the clothing & symbols n 2chainz that he blames on the dir. even abt ole rev run,but it some how disapeared

    • HERBapacolypse

      because its fucking stupid. symbolism is everywhere its passed on and transformed. kind of like the swastika transformed into evil by nazis. before than it wasn’t a negative symbol.

  • BrianRaider
  • BrianRaider


  • mistah dubs

    very true its a damn shame since this music is a complete culture pouring out that redefined how we produce music and discovered the art of sampling music to its fullest potential which is now an industry standard lyrics used to stand for something and raw emotion and now its dumbed down to I’m turnt up I fuck bitches and get a lot of paper and money but I’ll kill ya there are some diamonds in the rough in the mainstream here and there but it doesn’t hold a candle to the music produced in the hip hop scene from 1982-2006. It pretty much died out in 2008 when Lil Wayne became a superstar and Kanye started auto tuning. But there are still some gems here and there but Kendrick and TDE are the mainstream hip hop savior for the moment. Underground has always maintained being so slick.

  • S∆M $∆†URD∆Y

    hip hop is like rock and roll. everyone wants the rap lifestyle as they did for rock in the 70′s. then in the late 70′s rock got commercial and dumbed down for the teens (hair metal). thats what happened to rap, and it will recover.

  • http://www.medievalbeatz.com/ Medieval Beatz

    Scarface has a point…just sayin

  • fuckinyogirl

    I don’t know what these guys are saying but there some rappers that are keeping hip hop alive making moves out here. Mainstream and underground yeah they might be some rappers that are wack but there other rappers that are speaking the truth and holding it down.

  • Niko

    I don’t give A FINUCK Riff Raff goes hard as fuckk