Papoose Is Upset At ID Channel For Incorrect Portrayal Of Remy Ma


Last night, Discovery ID aired an episode of Frenemies that reenacted Remy Ma’s friendship turned sour with Makeda Barnes-Joseph, the woman who was shot resulting in the rapper’s 8 year jail sentence. According to Papoose, the show wrongfully portrayed the entire situation, mainly his relationship with the femcee and what actually caused the alleged betrayal. Check out both the network’s and Papoose’s stance on social media.

“That fake story on the ID channel about #TheQueen @freeremyma and myself is totally #false #thingspeopledoformoney Television (Tell Lie Vision),” captioned Papoose.

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  • Prijak1

    I have no pity for Remy Ma . I jus saw the show and she should have been sentenced to life in prison . 8 years is nothing for her crimes

  • Gab

    I agree

  • Acappellla

    Wow, just saw this show. Do NOT think the show nor the victim is lying. Remy should have gotten double the 8 years because as you see she is not sorry and will prob still be a threat to someone else when she gets out.

  • Diva Diveaux

    Remy and Papoose need to sit down! If Remy was such the “it” girl, and $3000 to her was like $30 to the average girl, why risk your life and your career shooting someone over what is supposed to be chump change to you? If she thought Makeda took the money, she should’ve said this is not my friend and walked away. The fact that she dumped her purse after she shot her and didn’t find the money, let’s me know Remy was probably high and drunk and didn’t remember spending her money. She should take responsibility, apologize, and STOP LYING!!!!! The fact that she and Papoose are STILL sticking to this STUPID story, says a lot about their character, lack of compassion, and lack of common sense! She deserved much more time than she got. Advice to Remy: If you have to make a scene to get noticed, then you’re not half as important as you think you are. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t continue to try to make yourself the victim. YOU, CLEARLY, ARE NOT!!!!!!

  • kayne

    that broad needs to be in jail for a lot longer than 8 years. she wanted to be a thug. i have no sympathy for her or her dumb*ss husband, who calls her conviction an. “injustice”. what world do you live in man? then you try and sneak a handcuff key to her! what an idiot. b*tch shoulda got 20 years, like any other non famous person would have gotten.