Back in August of 2013, Juicy J announced a $50,000 "twerking" scholarship. Although the broadcast seemed to be untrue, we all later learned that the Memphis rapper was indeed going to follow through with a generous award for any college-bound girl who could convince him she needs it the most.

Shortly after the announcement, Juicy J spoke with XXL and cleared up some misconceptions about the scholarship and the reasons that he wanted to donate money.

“You don’t have to be able to twerk to win this $50,000 dollar scholarship.” Juicy told us about the scholarship. “Just submit a video telling me “Why do you deserve this $50,000 dollar scholarship?” It’s not all about dancing and twerking. It’s about your personality. So I want people to know that if you want to twerk that’s on you but you don’t have to do that to win that scholarship. You can just send me a video of showing me how smart you are or what your goals in life are for me to give you this money. It’s for people who use their brains, too.”

Today, Juicy announces the winning recipient: Zaire Holmes, a mom who majors in Biology, and guess what? She didn't have to twerk. Instead, she read the rules correctly and put her best foot forward in explaining why she thinks she most deserves the scholarship, which will now help pay for her lab expenses.

Congrats! Check out Zaire's reaction when she's presented with her check up top.