Here Is The Status Of The 25 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2014

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  • Joey-Bada$$
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ARTIST: Joey Bada$$
LABEL: Cinematic
ALBUM #: 1
QUARTER: 3rd (Fall)
BEATS: DJ Premier
FEATURES: Unknown, though manager Jonny Shipes promises “some nice surprises.”
FYI: After two well-received mixtapes—1999 and Summer Knights—the Pro Era captain is finally hard at work on his official debut full-length, reportedly getting into the studio with DJ Premier, who helmed his song “Unorthodox,” to knock out some tracks.
MOVIN’ ON UP: “Joey has spent the past few years honing his skills to the point he felt he was ready to drop what he feels would be his debut album,” Shipes says. “The mixtapes were the growth.”
SALES PITCH: “Fans should look forward to the most uncompromising hip-hop album in a long time,” Shipes says. “If you’re a fan of Joey you will love this album for no other reason than he did exactly what he wanted to with no corny label people tryin’ to change shit about his sound and creative process…. Straight PROgressive CinematiC music.”

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ALBUM TITLE: Cadillactica
LABEL: Def Jam
ALBUM #: 2
BEATS: DJ Dahi, Jim Johnson, Rico Love, DJ Toomp, Terius Martin, Big K.R.I.T., Organized Noize
FIRST SINGLE: “Just Last Week” featuring Future (may not be official single)
FYI: Cadillactica, the followup to 2011′s Live From The Underground, will find Big K.R.I.T taking listeners on a ride to another universe. He’s described the album’s setting as “the planet called Cadillactica where the soul and the funk comes from.”
MOVIN’ ON UP: Big K.R.I.T says that the album is “a monster in itself,” and is certainly different from his past material. On the LP, the Cinematic rapper says that he’s trying a lot of new things and he’s experimenting a little bit more between singing and live instrumentation.
SALES PITCH: ”People think that once you get to a certain point that you may not have to prove yourself anymore, but I still have a want to prove myself,” K.R.I.T. says. “Prove myself as far as musically, as far as creatively, as far as being a musician and show growth. It’s very important to show growth at this point in my career, to show growth and really put down on wax those things that I’ve had to experience, those things that I’ve had the opportunity to see.”

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  • NipseyHussleFeatured
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ARTIST: Nipsey Hu$$le
ALBUM TITLE: Victory Lap
LABEL: Independent
ALBUM #: 1
BEATS: DJ Mustard, Don Cannon, DJ Khalil, Ralo, 1500 or Nothin’, The Futuristiks
FIRST SINGLE: “Rap Niggas,” on the way
FYI: Nipsey’s debut solo album, Victory Lap, has been rumored for some time now, but Nipsey had to get himself out of an unhappy label situation with Epic, first. This past August, he switched the project from its initial status as a mixtape to be his debut album and, after dropping the well-received mixtape Crenshaw in October, it now appears to be on the way. He’ll use the same Proud2Pay, $100 campaign he used so successfully on Crenshaw, as well.
MOVIN’ ON UP: In preparation for the album, Nipsey has been dropping a series of singles, including “Alert” alongside Hit-Boy, though the first official single is still on the way. For Victory Lap, he’s been taking his time and making sure it drops his way, on his own.
SALES PITCH: ”It was always my vision to drop my album on my own label,” Nipsey says. “It’s important to be viewed as more than talent. Timing is everything.”

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    lupe fiasco- tetsuo and youth

  • ayy lmao

    Am I truly supposed to take this seriously when Asher Roth, Juicy J and Rick Ross are on this list

    • Dublyoo

      Asher Roth is much better than Juicy and Rick. He’s really not a bad rapper, he makes some good stuff now, not that corny overdone ‘white college kid that loves to party’ that he used to do.

  • Jordan

    What about Detox?

    • LoKi 303

      Lol that shit ain’t ever droppin

  • kaden

    its not kendricks 2nd album its his 3rd…

    • Matt

      How could anyone down vote this? Section.80 is an amazing album. HiiiiPower and A.D.H.D. are two of his top 5 songs easily. Stop overlooking it!

    • 13thlegend

      overly dedicated was a mixtape

      • U stupid


      • Sca

        Section .80.. GKMC..

    • Eric Diep

      Second on a major label.

      • Matt Cosgrove

        So what? Does that mean that “The Heist” wasn’t Macklemore’s first album or that Mac Miller doesn’t already have 2 albums?

  • RealSpit

    It’s a weird thing .. By not having Love Story on here, you make the entire list irrelevant to me .. But then again that’s the point .. What makes Love Story the special album that it is is the exact fact that it’s ignored by these lists

    • Eric Diep

      Box Chevy V was a good teaser. He really needs to redeem himself on this album.

      • HipHopHead999

        “He really needs to redeem himself on this album.”

        As if Radioactive was really THAT bad. Anyway “Love Story” is guaranteed to be better than YG’s album; should have put Yela in his spot at least.

  • Tyler Durden

    TDE 2014… Fuck the rest !!!

    • jake tipple

      Wtf no missing so many great artists who affected 2013

  • Chris

    Y’all missing the biggest album of all.. IAMSU! “Sincerely Yours”

    • RaF

      HBK Gang !

  • zee

    no Wale – “Album About Nothing” ?

  • トラップの神々TRAP GODS

    yall niggas is doomed to fail yet you still calling this mockery hiphop aint no gunplay aint no clipse aint no azealia banks aint no asap mob aint no dominique young unique aint no rat king aint no earlwolf just a bunch of fucking losers and wannabes mocking hip hop talking about NO lying about how rich they are THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YALL AINT NONE THAT SHIT HOT ON THAT LIST. NOT EVEN KANYE WACK ASS CRYING ABOUT HE GOT ROBBED FOR 13 million ALL THOSE ALBUMS ghost writer welfare XXL kill yourself

    • O C

      Nigga azealia banks is trash

    • Dublyoo

      I really hope you’re joking.

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  • brunobaccinc

    Novi Novak – “Hibernation’s Over II”… this one is gonna be epic!!! Awesome, Novi Novak is a legend

  • Guest

    WTF is “RAPPITY-RAP” about his bars. XXL is ignorant sometimes.


    WTF is “RAPPITY-RAP” about Logic’s bars. XXL is ignorant sometimes.

  • infamousmatte

    VMG!! Rattpack for life!

  • Akash Reddy

    VMG > TDE

    • Victor

      I hope this is satire.

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  • icon kain

    what the hell the pic don’t come up

  • Tyrome

    50 Cent, T.I, and Kanye are gonna come with some heat. As well as Pusha T, Kendrick, Schoolboy Q. Wiz is gonna come through with some shit to party too as well. 2014 will be dope for HipHop

  • dustin

    Army of the Pharoahs – In Death reborn ? part 1 & 2 both come out this year.. might wanna put some hype on it.