Macklemore Says He Fears Relapsing


Macklemore’s past troubles with drug and alcohol abuse are well documented. In fact, it almost derailed the Seattle rapper’s career before it even started. Now sober, and living life to the fullest, the seven-time Grammy nominee says he’s still afraid that one day he will fall back into the trap that put him in the hospital and rehab in 2008. The hardest part is the down time. “For me, what is a temptation is coming home off of the road, which is why this time period is interesting,” the rapper recently told ABC News. “This is when I’ve fallen back before.”

Macklemore described his time abusing substances as “Isolation, broke, depressed, no reason to really live,” he recalled. Partner Ryan Lewis said of the tough times, “We didn’t work for the first three years that I knew him. And I think that was probably at the centerpiece.”

Now one of the biggest rap acts in the world, the “Thrift Shop” rapper doesn’t plan on going back down that dark road. “I don’t want to look back and be like, ‘You had it all, and you weren’t even present for it. You weren’t able to enjoy it,’” he said. “I want to be here, be now and be grateful.”

[via ABC]

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  • Mikey F Baby

    Good luck to him

  • onlyreal

    Thank You .. Macklemore is the worst kind of artist to me (my opinion) .. And I have listened to all of the Catalog and done my research and my summary of the underground music is Atmosphere .. and then I read the 1-year Letter and it straight up says you can’t make an impact if you’re Underground, which is so absurdly ironic and such a manufactured strategy .. talking up “distribution deals” and all of this other hype around “being authentic” and turning it into marketing .. I was honestly laughing so hard during the award speech transition to Trayvon Martin (RIP .. Respect) .. It was one of those moments I was sitting there “will he do it, will he find another Trending Topic from Twitter to promote or will he finally be about the Music period” and then he did and I just ROFL’d .. this is a guy who “stands against Consumerism” and then has pretty much every thing he does sponsored and financed by a Consumer Brand (everything from Hollywood movies, regional casino chains, Buffalo jeans, Microsoft, etc. etc. etc) .. What am I missing here ?? .. Now the “Hiatus” .. again .. all he’s really doing is working on the next album and preparing the strategy around it, but they are pulling from the POP BS playbook and that strategy tells you to fuel the Hype, so they go “whisper” to XXL and other headline thirsty media that “Macklemore is going on a hiatus” which is another headline and more syndication out to social media sheep .. Now the next album is going to be interesting .. it’s going to involve a lot of strategic and predictable moves .. Features with other pop rappers — especially non-white artists .. of course more cross-over collaborations to keep building the pop/teenybopper vibe .. but MOST IMPORTANTLY is going to be interject Macklemore back into the Hip Hop conversation .. start working with the other artists that have more street buzz .. and those artists are happy to collaborate too because they want Macklemore’s pop fan base .. and those artist lose more than they gain at this point because no true Hip Hop head is checking for anything Macklemore .. Even if you go back in time .. DJ Premier, other legends, keep shouting out rappers on Twitter and Instagram to try and tap into the Social Media fan bases too, but in the end the Music is what matters .. the Truth is that no matter what macklemore does now, I can’t appreciate the music because it comes from someone that had all of the right pieces, but chose a path that I can’t respect (my opinion) .. and there are too many other authentic Musicians out there who are ONLY about the music .. and when they take on Product partnerships and other business moves, they are transparent, open and it makes sense within who they are as Artists .. it’s all connected and to me Macklemore is even more infuriating because the tactics are being replicated in a strange way that will have long term ramifications towards the purity of Art .. But I have faith .. there’s enough people out there that see it and the right artists are able to very effectively build their own fan base .. those are the ones that will sustain over time ..

    • WordUP

      cosign…..damn you just blew my mind!

    • robertoV05

      He did have a song about his “place” being a white artist in a black music form but that is so contrived to me. In lieu of what you wrote, that would make sense. Play the white rapper race card and distract from the fact that he sucks! Hopefully will only have 15 minutes, but then again he can put on a white suit, go autotune and play to all gay audiences like Pitbull, so he’ll be alright, and we wont have to put up with him getting rap awards.

  • ┼ JOE GERKƎN ┼

    this guy wack AF why are we giving this guy the time