Macklemore's past troubles with drug and alcohol abuse are well documented. In fact, it almost derailed the Seattle rapper's career before it even started. Now sober, and living life to the fullest, the seven-time Grammy nominee says he's still afraid that one day he will fall back into the trap that put him in the hospital and rehab in 2008. The hardest part is the down time. “For me, what is a temptation is coming home off of the road, which is why this time period is interesting,” the rapper recently told ABC News. “This is when I’ve fallen back before.”

Macklemore described his time abusing substances as “Isolation, broke, depressed, no reason to really live,” he recalled. Partner Ryan Lewis said of the tough times, “We didn’t work for the first three years that I knew him. And I think that was probably at the centerpiece.”

Now one of the biggest rap acts in the world, the "Thrift Shop" rapper doesn't plan on going back down that dark road. “I don’t want to look back and be like, ‘You had it all, and you weren’t even present for it. You weren’t able to enjoy it,’” he said. “I want to be here, be now and be grateful.”

[via ABC]