Logic Reveals More Album Details, Says He Wouldn’t Put Eminem On It


Logic is hard at work on his Def Jam yet-to-be-titled debut, scheduled to release in 2014.

Back in May, the Maryland MC signed a deal with Def Jam on the heels of getting placed in the 2013 XXL Freshman class. Since then, he’s been focused on delivering an album that’ll get his buzz up even more. Besides having No I.D. as the executive producer, he’s been in the studio with Hit-Boy and tease fans some of his collaborations with the Casey Veggies-assisted “Like Me.” But, he wants his fans to know that this album won’t be feature heavy.

“There will probably be a few. Rappers that I want on my album are my favorite rappers, whether it is an old school rapper to my favorite new school rappers. I feel like they are giving me a verse and these are people that inspire me,” he tells XXL. “I want people who can really challenge me. Like I said, Cole has given me some guidance and I’ve been in there with him and played him some of the album and he was really feeling it. Talking to him about that.”

He added, “Producers I’ve been with Tae Beast from TDE. Guy Hutch. Terrace Martin. It’s funny being over on the West Coast I met a lot of the TDE guys and they are all really dope people. Jon Bellion. We’ll probably get something for sure. He’s in New York right now, but I am definitely gonna bring him out and see if he’s feeling anything for sure. Maybe, QuESt who knows?”

Lately, Logic has made headlines for his thoughts on a possible dream collaboration with Eminem. In an interview with Montreality, he spoke about doing something more with Em’s alter-ego Slim Shady, which would be in his wheelhouse. When asked if he would want to get Em for his Def Jam debut, he gave a rather odd answer for an up-and-coming MC.

“That would be fun, but I wouldn’t have Em on an album. Even though I know that would sound crazy,” he says. It’s almost like when Kendrick did m.A.A.d city, you didn’t hear ScHoolboy on the album. You didn’t hear Ab-Soul. You didn’t hear a lot of people you thought you were gonna hear. It’s because he had this vision in his mind of what he wanted. That’s kind of like with this album. This album I had in my mind for many years, but now that I am growing as a man and an artist everyday, the structure is pretty much exactly where I want it to be.”

He continued to explain his vision for the album so far, which he described as very “introspective” and “vivid.” “I am painting pictures where I grew up. The things that I saw. Experiences I’ve had and conversations I’ve had with myself and my mind. I’m OCD. I talk about shit like that,” he says. “This is one of my favorite lines on the album. It goes, ‘People gon’ hate, man they been destined to do that / I could find the cure for cancer, and people would still boo that.’ That’s just the realist shit. No matter what I do, people are going to love me or hate me. I still just create records like back in the basement when I didn’t even have a fan because it was that mentality that got me the fans in the first place.”

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  • Logic VMG

    Logic forever

  • maxamillion$

    Rattpack till my pulse flat!

    logic is gonna be known as the best of all time when all is said and done.

    • 2Gunz78

      I think he could be considered a great down the road don’t think he is going to be greater then 2Pac, Eminem or Nas maybe up there with Kanye West and Jay Z perhaps. I don’t even think he is better then Kendrick Lamar, he can compete with J Cole and Drake on a lyrical and commercial level though.

      • wat

        Logic is NOWHERE as nice as Drake lyrically (fanboys will say otherwise, but Drake’s lyrics get overlooked because of his “emotional bitch” musical style and his mainstream success) and he’s definitely never going to be anywhere near as dope as Cole. Cole is one of his biggest influences. Even Logic will tell you he’ll never touch him.

        • Guest

          dude logic is waaaay nice than drake lyrically..

          • Guest


          • wat

            No he’s not. Drake’s rhyming skill is ALWAYS overlooked because he’s mainstream and “soft.” He gets busy lyrically.

          • fabio

            i feel like he lyrically better but drake makes better music, but what we have to look at, how is logic flow compared to drake mixtape flow to see how he can develop

    • wat

      What a joke.

  • Marty Randolph


    • dan

      Dorritos must be illuminati too…

      • Marty Randolph


  • 2Gunz78

    No doubt Logic has the talent and skill, but at times he sounds like Drake, and J Cole even Diggy simmon if he doesn’t come with more of a unique flow, original style and content I’m not sure he will break away from those guys a lot of people and critics have stated this before. He could sell records and I think he could put out a quality album but I think he will eventually fall in the lane every rapper does rapping about material b.s. and party raps. Could be considered a great down the road just have to wait and see.

    • Carlos Mythos Vazquez

      IMO the only thing about Logic that sounds like Drake or J.Cole is his voice, and he can’t really change that. His flow is levels above the other artists you mentioned.

    • wat

      Agreed, stylistically, he’s pretty much J. Cole and Drake with a sorta faster flow. Content-wise, he’s incredibly repetitive and simple. His flow carries him 80% of the time. I hope for his debut, he comes more into his own and shows us “Logic,” not anyone else. He has too much potential to do otherwise.

  • Mehak Rain

    EMINEM for the Nasty Souls – A Tribute:

  • NightBlazer

    All rappers would love to have Em on their albums even ifs a whack verse. Cause of the publicity, that being said i hope this album is a classic

  • king

    Em on your album adds another 100k sales :D lol for reals doe I can tell this kid album will be half radio singles. Just look at his last projects adds more singles every time

  • 1,2,3, and to the 4

    someone correct me if i’m wrong but he is saying if em was on his album more people would talk about em’s verse/verses and not talk about him as much

    • Chris

      He is saying if em was on it u would not really hear him or anyone else all you would hear is em

  • Chris

    Stop hating. I believe logic will become one of the best….he sound like logic no one else.Keep doing to your thing

  • Chris

    Don’t let them get u down.fuck you 2Gunz78.

  • frank

    logic? maybe if he did do a song with eminem, people would know who he is. eminem doesnt collab with unheard of people anyway.

  • Sorrel

    So humble. Proud of you dawg, favorite MC by far!!! #rattpack