Loaded Lux Battles Hollow Da Don In A Black Panthers Outfit

Footage has leaked from the UW Battle League legendary showdown featuring Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don. “High Stakes” were definitely up for grabs, considering the former represents Harlem and the latter hails from Queens. Both lyricists delivered with their city’s pride on the line and added another epic performance to their legacy. Watch the battle above, and let us know who you think won below.

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  • Justace Orion

    lux all day. hollow had jokes and gimmicks. lux was easily superior in his craft of wordplay, as usual. lyrically the battle wasnt even close. performance and delivery can be rated, but crowd was so crazy u could hardly hear when Lux spit, that shows u they were crazy over his lyrics.i just cant wait til the lyrics drop, people will see its NOT debatable.lux 3-0 lyrically,hollow, all i gotta say is B.I.G. was talkng about u when he said”DUMB RAPPERS NEED TEACHIN”

    • justaceorion

      dumb rappers like hollow need teachin..he act like cal dad was his own.. lmao.

  • Jay-R

    Ur fuckin retarded Hollow Da Don 3-0 lyrics are not the only measure of a battle its the moment performance and Hollow without doubt took that… First and foremost Lux platforms and stances he was speakin on were wack as shit…