Justin Beiber’s Friend Lil Za Believes He Was Drug-Busted For Being Black

Lil Za arrested

After being arrested for felony drug possession Tuesday (Jan. 14) and again yesterday (Jan. 15), Lil Za pulls the race card and hints at the fact that he’s black as the cause for being apprehended.


Police hand-cuffed Lil Za for felony possession of cocaine after finding it in “plain view” during a raid at Justin Beiber’s house. The evidence later showed it was really Molly, a form of Ecstasy.

[Via TMZ]

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  • suigetsuthirsty

    wahhhhh im black i got arrested this nigga a fucking clown

    • Rolling_Stone

      You look like a fat White cartoon character So I’m going to go ahead and negate any comment you may have even if you are black your definitely in question for that pic.

      • Gutter

        Shut the fuck up. Za’s a prick; just like you.

        • Realtalk

          Nigga you dumb as fuck get out here u weak ass

      • YoMama

        YOU’RE not YOUR Jesus fucking christ!


        • Rolling_Stone

          Sorry my iphone dont speak bitch gtfoh with that lame ass grammer shit