Kidd Kidd Wants To Bring Back Gangsta Music

Who is still on the roster?
Everybody is on the roster. There’s only adding to the roster. I am just added to the roster. A lot of people get that misconception. I’m not here to replace nobody, trying to be nobody else.

I had this one guy, even though… I am never too big to respond to a motherfucker. This one dude, he was like, “Man, I don’t believe why 50 Cent chose you over Banks.” I replied to the nigga, “How can you say he chose me over Banks?” What you mean? Banks is G-Unit my G. What you mean? Man, you trippin’! I am not trying to take nobody’s spot. As far as G-Unit the group, I am not G-Unit the group. That’s what people need to know. I am Kidd Kidd, a solo artist, with his own label.

You’re fortunate that 50 is putting a lot of energy in you because he knows that you are gonna blow up.
Yeah, something he tells me, [is] he sees a lot of him in me. Just as far as the life that we lived and trying to make something better from it and trying to bring this whole wave of new gangsta music. The form of hip-hop as it is right now is just how it was 10 years ago before Fif came in the game. Before Fif came in the game, what was happening? Ja Rule was singin’. They had a lot of rappers that were singin’. The game was kind of soft. Fif came. Boom! Gangsta music back. You know what I am saying? I feel that’s how it is right now. The game is soft. I feel like I gotta bring that gangsta wave back.

It’s funny 50 sees himself in you because your mixtape grind is similar.
I am so serious right now, I wanted Street Fame to drop the next damn day when I announced the name of it. The quality of the music was too good. That’s not a problem at all, so they wanted to make it an EP. So I say, man, for myself, not only just for the fans, for G-Unit fans, for Kidd Kidd fans and my city—I took it upon myself to say, “Look, I am gonna record #RG.” I am going to record these songs and I am going to put them out and call it #RG because I owe the people music. A full body of music. I been recording for so damn long. I been on G-Unit for a minute now. That’s what the people want.

Let’s talk about Street Fame. What can we expect?
I feel like—real talk—I look at all my music as making an impact. The project is just adding on to the legacy. For real, that’s how I look at it. Even #RG, I want that to make an impact. Why? Because if that makes the right impact like I want it to make, you can just think about what Street Fame is going to do. It’s going to make you crave Street Fame. That’s what I want. I want people to drool over it.

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  • theBavarianIlluminati

    Perfect example of what not to do. Stop the garbage ‘gangsta’ shit. Leave it back in the 80′s and 90′s. It’s 2014.