Jim Jones Is The Life Of The Party In “Stoner (Remix)” Video

Jim Jones on his revamp tip. Lighting up a few Ls, Jones and his Vampire crew head to the strip club and don’t play around. Young Thug’s “Stoner” is exploding. Check out the video above.

  • Peso

    Vampire Life clothing just takes symbols and phrazes from everything in world and put Vamp, Vampin’ in front a la In Vamp We Trust, Vamp Or Die etc. etc. “One Vamp To Live” is a good one Jones if you haven’t used it already lmao I’m not hating because I love Dipset to death but c’mon son…Jones and Dame can o better then that but hey they getting money so who I’m I to judge. One thing is obvious…Jones/Dame are hustlers, no doubt