Circa 1997, a 28-year-old Jay Z made a guest appearance on an installment of FreakShow, which was notoriously helmed by 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell. It's an interview in the sense that there's a question and answer dialogue where Uncle Luke inquires about Jay's music and the projects he's working on. Considering the two near-naked women engaging in intimate acts to the side of the two men, however, the conversation is unorthodox yet strangely engrossing, and for all the wrong reasons [some will argue against that].

The two ladies continue to salaciously entertain each other through out the course of the interview, meanwhile a nearby Mr. Carter is seen tripping over almost anything he has to say, while Campbell sips from his bottle of Hennessy.

It's completely X-rated, so we won't directly link you. But if you're still intrigued, you can find the video over at Reddit.