Jay Z Is Being Sued $600M Over The Brooklyn Nets Logo

jay z

Jay Z, the NBA, and developer Bruce Ratner are being sued for $600M over the Brooklyn Nets logo. It took close a decade to move the Nets franchise from New Jersey to Brooklyn, and according to Radar Online, a clever doctor filed an application for the Brooklyn Nets trademark during the waiting period, knowing he would be able to cash in down the line. These types of “investments” often occur in the financial world, and most of the time the scheme’s mastermind is rewarded with a lump settlement from the bigger company. With that said, $600M may be a little bit too optimistic for plaintiff Dr. Francois de Cassagno to ask from the NBA, Bruce Ratner, and Jay Z.

[via Radar Online]

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  • http://fuckedyobitch.com/ suigetsuthirsty

    word smart man

  • Ronald Jack

    wow, that’s lame as hell that somebody could do this

  • Justin

    That’s hella lame. I hope that bitch ass dude doesn’t get a penny.

  • Peso

    yeah it’s very lame but sound just right lol when it comes to the financial world and everything that’s included. Dude knew about the loophole and exploited it on the highest level but that doesn’t make it sound shady as hell in my book. Not surprised at all though…

    • that dude

      He’s not gonna get a dime. If anyone does there homework, that’s illegal. It use to be legal to do that but a few years ago they made a law that you can’t do that. Look at the situation with Jay’s daughter name and how many people tried to copy write her name. They should return the favor and just sue him back and get the case dropped. Nice try tho.

      • Peso

        dude needs to keep getting his doctor money and call it a day lol

  • Kazuya Mishima That Nigga

    Lame as fuck money hungry bitch boy

  • Ross S

    why does such a problem exist?

  • Ross S

    our government is a joke

    • Peso


  • Mike

    He money hungry tho. Bruce how about you suck up yo Crybaby ass and get a life


    They ( Illuminati ) are taking the Wealth of Black Entertainers . Wanna know how deep it goes look at INSIDER’S VIDEO Black Child Production on YOUTUBE …mind blowing what’s going on , mind blowing … it’s all planned people . The
    ” Entertainment ” Industry IS EVIL , PURE EVIL .