Ice Cube Is Ready To Start Filming Friday 4

Ice Cube was a guest on ESPN’s SportsNation and touched base on a wide variety of topics, including Richard Sherman’s dissertation of the word “thug,” his raps versus Kobe’s, and working with Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, and Chris Tucker. He also confirmed him and Chris Tucker are ready to go and film the highly awaited fourth installment of their classic “Friday” series and says production companies and sponsorships are to blame for the hold up. Watch all three segments of Ice Cube’s visit to ESPN’s Sportsnation below and make sure to catch Ride Along in theaters now.

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  • Ronald Jack

    Ice Cube, don’t waste your time. The first Friday was a classic. The other two were garbage. Sometimes the idea of a sequel is better than the actual movie. So people think they want to see Chris Tucker play Smoky again but I don’t think it will come close to the original. Stop beating that dead horse

    • kain

      how about you wait and see and stop judging talent you don’t have. By the way all the Friday movies did very well.

      • Ronald Jack

        I’m not talking about how much money they made, I’m talking about the quality of the films. These comment sections are for people to express their opinion. You don’t know anything about the talent I have, so it’s more like you are judging me. My comments were strictly based on the film, I did not criticize any person in my statement.

        • Brandon Quinones

          Ronald u got to admit Mike Epps was funny but yeah I think the first one was better and the other two were also good but come on think about it its gonna be Craig, Day Day, and Smokey it will most likely be the most popular Friday movie of the Friday series

        • Denny R

          lol your statement is ignorant because the film quality of the first friday was actually less quality and more of a underground movie that blew up ! all the fridays were good……i mean the first one was the best .. but the other ones wasnt garbage…

          • Ronald Jack

            When I mentioned quality I was referring to the story and entertainment value of the film. The first one was the best and the rest were garbage.