Macklemore Was Almost Removed From Rap Grammys


An unnamed source from the Grammys Rap Committee told the Associated Press that Macklemore almost wasn’t included in their awards categories. ”It’s not that they don’t think he’s a rapper,” said the source. “It’s just that when you’re trying to protect categories and someone has become popular, it should be judged as much… Where does their music exist? Who are their fans?” Whether Macklemore is rap or not isn’t a topic that is unfamiliar as he’s talked about this since May 2013.

The committee felt that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis shouldn’t qualify in the genre because “of their success on mainstream radio and their appeal in the pop world.”  When the debate was presented to the general committee, they voted and in a landslide decision concluded that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis should be in the rap categories.

Macklemore will also be performing at The Grammys and has seven nominations.

[via AP]

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  • laurence

    Not a big fan of his but they did the same shit to eminem comparing him to nsync and brittney trying to say he was “pop” cause of how fast he blew up. Shut up white boy flows!!

    • Dwahn Denson

      I promise u homie not one real hip-hop head bought that disc it was only bought by people who enjoy hip-pop it brought in bread but that just reaffirms what Nas said hip-hop is now officially declared dead ! Peace

      • Izzy Reynard

        Nah, chill. His concepts and message is a lot better then a majority of these dudes these days. I know rap and Macklemore fits in that category.

    • Poison

      No actually his flow is garbage…he raps staccato, its terrible.

  • ATL For President

    I do not agree with the comments of the person who served in the committee. Who your fans are shouldn’t dictate what category of music you fall under. the style and maybe even rhythm of your music dictates that in my opinion. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fall under the rap category because of their style of performance and records they produce. Regardless of how popular an album, single, or even a ringtone is, the fans do not determine what type of genre it falls under. Because black people like your music, It will go under rap. Since white people like your music, it goes under pop. GET THE FUCK OUT OF TOWN WITH THAT BULLSHIT!! How about, since the masses like your music and it did well over the year prior to nomination, It will go under the genre the artist specifically says he creates.

  • Logic Nthe Chi

    kendrick lamar steals music concepts like the rest of the talentless mainstream. This one of the ideas of ours he stole with Small sean and the other rapper on the song. Who is small sean on the track of theirs saying rap slow? on the new song with dre who from chicago is kendrick lamar claiming he pimps? Logic in the Chi is whose image He will continue to try to steal. I don’t mind admiration just credit for concepts.