“Freeway” Ricky Ross Responds To Failed Lawsuit Against Rick Ross


After nearly four years and an appeal, former drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross recently lost his lawsuit against rapper Rick Ross that claimed the MMG head, born, William Roberts II, had used his identity for monetary gain. But there are lessons to be learned from the situation, according to Freeway. In a statement issued to AllHipHop, Ross speaks on authenticity in the culture of hip hop, the glorification of drug dealing in its music and the social repercussions on the youth.

Read his statement, below.

“I respect Hip-Hop as an art form and consider many of its artists some of my close friends. But I believe the art form owes an obligation of authenticity. You cannot go out and say you sold cocaine at Kilo to Metric ton scale and be so detached from the experience. If you do, you have an obligation to the youth to tell them the truth and not lie about the facts of your circumstance to try to further validate the mistruth.

There is a teachable moment about the state of our community when a man who has a respectable job as a correctional officer, has to recreate himself in my former image as a large-scale kingpin to gain what he feels is social acceptance as a successful man. I along with many others would have given it all up for stability and opportunity, when Reagan came into office with Trickle down gutting assistance programs, and privatization of public sector jobs ripped through our cities it strip-mined those types of stable jobs in a very short period from Black America.

I will continue to go around the country and speak at schools, speaking to the need for the youth to avoid getting caught up in the dope game. Also I will be going city to city giving artists that don’t get looks by labels Mixtape exposure. I look forward to the release of my autobiographical book due out in February, and film in development to help tell the truth about how Black American Cities developed and turned to drugs, the dope game and its consequences.”

[via AHH]

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  • I need more cowbell

    what a piece of shit

  • Leroy Love

    I agree and understand what Freeway Ricky Ross is saying, but rappers have had a long history of telling tall tales to sell records. From Nas using the Escobar angle to Scarface being Scarface to the Wu-Gambinos…The reality is that the people want to hear music from a dude who claims to sell dope than a dude bragging about being a C.O….Brothers need rappers like Rick Ross to maintain they own cartoonish images…If you renting rims with a pitbull riding shotgun…lol….you know who I’m talking about

  • Don WIlshern

    Good Comment

  • Alex

    I just don’t understand how people whoi can fuck with someone like Rick Ross who is so clearly fake

  • premo


    • premo

      Leroy I see where ya coming from. However, Nas n Raekwon are genius story tellers. They can picture the crime life so vividly and make a sick story out of it because of what they’ve seen around ‘em and did during their early years growin up in the hood observing and studying the mob life. On top of that they are one of the best lyricists around. There’s a difference when a mc or rapper is creating a story where the mob life is glorified (like a classic gangsta flick or book) while having a cosign from the hood (real recognize real) and a rapper pretending to be a D-boy actually bragging ’bout how much dope he sold when in reality he’s just lying and the hood know he’s fake.

      To many fake dudes around in the rap game like officer Ricky. Real recognize real yo!