Freddie Gibbs Wants Jeezy To Be Square With Him


On Why He’s Still Going After Jeezy:
“Honestly, I can give two fucks about Jeezy. I ain’t got nothing to prove to Jeezy. From a rap standpoint, I gotta say what’s going on. I gotta say how I feel. If I don’t like a motherfucker, I’m not about to act like I like a motherfucker. For the media, I ain’t about to act like I like a motherfucker. For this fake ass Hollywood shit, I’m not doing that. I flat out don’t fuck with dude. He a liar. That is what it is. To me, it’s not real. Until you formally make that shit right with me…all the motherfucker gotta do is [say], “My bad, Gibbs.” But, motherfuckers act like I am crazy or some shit. I’m not about to make the media make me think I am crazy. I am not about to let motherfuckers trick me into [thinking], “Oh man, why are you doing that?” That’s how I feel about that punk ass nigga, and any other rap nigga that I got a motherfucking issue with. I’ma motherfuckin’ put they ass on blast, nigga.

“I say shit when I want to say it, how I want to say it. Until I’m done talking about that shit, I’ma speak on it. I think I got one more shot to bust in that clip. When I bust that shit, it’s over with. However it come out, I talk shit about a motherfucker in an interview. I talk shit about a motherfucker on the radio. I talk shit about a motherfucker on TV. I talk shit about a motherfucker in a song. I don’t give a fuck. Like I said, man, all a motherfucker gotta do is be square with Gibbs. I am one of the easiest guys to deal with. I think I get the reputation that I am difficult to deal with because I dealt with so many pussy ass niggas in this industry. So that’s why I stick to myself. I don’t really deal with too many rap niggas and all that shit. Because at the end of the day, most of these niggas frauds. There’s niggas that I got songs with that I really don’t fuck with no more. These niggas, you just see their true colors.”


On Comparing Himself To Pimp C:
“I never ask any of these niggas for a damn thing, my nigga. Don’t get that twisted. I’m not one of these niggas asking these niggas for no favors or anything. I never took nothing from nobody. I never took a dollar from Jeezy. I just told you, I was in the streets. I never took nothing from nobody. I never asked a nigga for a handout. Nobody. That ain’t my style. That ain’t my get down. It’s just like these niggas are weirdos. I feel like Pimp C. The way Pimp C felt about these niggas, that’s how I feel about him. He wasn’t barking for nothing. That shit is real. He got ridiculed for saying how he felt and it’s sad that he had to die after that. Motherfuckers always want to tell you now how you feel when it’s negative towards somebody that everybody love. ‘Man, I love him. He can’t be like…’ Man, fuck that. I don’t love that motherfucker like you. Love don’t live here no more.”

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    Man grow the fuck up!!!Im tired of these cry baby ass rappers!!make good music or shut the fuck up.DON’T EVER COMPARE YO SELF TO PIMP!!!!CHUUUCH

  • unknown

    Rip Chad , and Gangsta Gibbs a real nikka he just speaking his mind.Gibbs just saying he feel the same way as pimp quoted about these fake nikkas in the rap industry. Jeezy make good music no lie but all in all Gibbs just really saying he tired of studio gangstas just like Easy E said about Dre and Dre make good music to but that’s what it iz. Who would wanna fuck wit a nikka saying he 50 1 50 and come to find out he ain’t bout that life rapping bout shit they don’t really do that’s fraud nahwmeen 2shay to all brothazs and sistazs


    I honestly thought that the Freddie Gibbs and Jeezy connection would’ve worked out waaaay better than it did… i jus don’t think jeezy is a good business man when it comes to managing others and doing what’s needed to help an artist blow and grow into self sustaining acts… as far as the beef… shiid i’m down with both them dudes and i know jeezy ain’t gon say nothin’ back no way bekuz he knows it wouldn’t b good business for him especially with all the shit he’s been going thru lately