DMX Thinks Hip-Hop Sucks Right Now

DMX rarely does interviews, but whenever he does decide to speak out we’re left with enough sound bites to hold us off until next time. While chopping it up with international hip-hop blog, 359hiphop, the original Ruff Ryder voiced his opinion on police officers, priests, rap’s current state, the internet, smartphones, and much more. Pretty crazy stuff, watch it above.

[via 359 Hip-Hop]

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  • Chris Sheppard

    Everyone is stated to their own opinion. With all respect to DMX, I just feel he’s being bitter as fuck…. Hip-hop is in a great place….. It’s making a big impact Globally. Right now there’s soo much talent in hip-hop, its nearly impossible for the top ten to remain constant. Dmx had his shine, its this generation’s turn…. To say “Hip-hop sucks” is completely ignorant… and may stem from pure hate or jealousy …


      Be real man and sit your ass down hip hop SUCKS NOW POINT BLANK PERIOD

    • BlackBarbie2000

      lol… anybody who has an opposing opinion or does not follow the herd must be hateful and jealous ! hip-hop is garbage right now. FACT.

  • 5679

    Tell like it is X. One thing u can say about X he don;’t pull no punches. Hip hop do suck. Sorry younger generation, record sales dont make good music.

  • Dwahn Denson

    I will alwayz be a fan of X but if the game sucks as he says it does drop something hot and show everyone how its done I seriously believe he and Swiss still have one more bullet left in the chamber pull the trigger !