While hip-hop fans rejoiced when Jay Z and Dame Dash appeared to rekindle their friendship, Dame recently made some interesting remarks in regards to his former artist.

In an excerpt from his upcoming profile with Details Magazine from their February 2014 issue, Dash has a few dicey answers when asked questions about the "Reasonable Doubt" rapper riches. While the interview was intended to shed light on the entrepreneur's latest business endeavors, what he said about Hov has made headlines throughout the hip-hop bloggosphere.

When asked for his take on the King of New York's net worth, the Harlem native  responded by referencing his influence on his former partner's business savvy with a clever analogy : "It’s like saying, 'I used to mess with a girl, and before I used to mess with her, she was mediocre,' says Dame. 'But because she started messing with me, I taught her things. I dressed her, and then I taught her how to have a career. Does that mean after we break up I’m still supposed to be able to get some ass?’ Like, I don’t feel entitled to that p*ssy. You understand what I’m saying? I don’t feel entitled to nothing he’s got."

Dame also had some choice words criticizing the artist's choice of company. Jay Z's longtime business partner claims his new friends are around him only for monetary gain. In his own words: "Those people are corny. You think I'm rolling to a club with Lyor Cohen or John Meneilly?" The opinionated business man then added, "No disrespect to Jay—but every single person I see hanging around him is making money off him. They all conform so they can eat off him.'"