Ever taken a New York Subway train? Those who have know about the slew of talents that come along for the ride. From comedians to musicians to breakdancers, NYC train rides can often times be entertaining. Unfortunately, a breakdancing duo found themselves arrested for dancing in a crowded subway car at the West 4th Street station last week.

NYPD caught 20-year-old Shamik Watson and 18-year-old Andrew Washington, of the "show timers" dance crew, dancing and somersaulting on a packed A train on Dec. 27.

Police said the two men caused danger and made excessive noise. Watson and Washington were charged with reckless endangerment as a misdemeanor and the two are due in court, Feb. 3, 2014.

Check out some of the city's infamous "show timers" in the video below.

[Via DNAinfo]

[Photo by Dan Nguyen]