7 Most Amazing Quotes From DMX Interview With 359 Hip-Hop


In recent history, hip-hop hasn’t heard a lot from DMX due to the Ruff Ryder experiencing his fair share of legal troubles and personal hardships. In a rare sit-down interview with European blog 359hiphop.com, The Dog finally had a chance to bark out in defense of his recent legal troubles, addressing his arrests and numerous holding cell encounters. X still gives it to us realer than most. Check out seven of the best soundbites courtesy of DMX from this interview. Get at me dog.

  • The Brute


  • Ashlee Jordan

    I wish you had displayed 7 actual amazing quotes from DMX over the years. He is very smart and talented and despite his run-in’s with the law (which were most likely due to drug use) he deserves to be recognized for more than a few random comments he made in a recent interview.

    Perhaps if this were called 7 Interesting Quotes I might have expected something different. But to call it “Amazing” had me in hopes that someone was out there highlighting his genius. With each quote I read, I am sadly disappointed. Not in DMX and his comments, but in XXL and the lack of forethought. I still love this magazine and I’m sure people would say “It ain’t even all that serious,” but we can do better.

  • Sidearm w the hawk

    In the spirit of DMX, unrelated hip hop