15 Most Essential Clipse Songs

“The Funeral” (1999)

Album: Exclusive Audio Footage

The old adage goes, “the streets will leave you dead or in jail.” “The Funeral” from Clipse’s unreleased Exclusive Audio Footage is a powerful and deep tale about death. No Malice painted a vivid picture of family and friends at his funeral. Pusha T’s did the same as he spits, “My mother cries, because she knew that I was only true to sin.” The duo seems fearless even when rapping about their own death.

“Young Boy” featuring Pharrell (2002)

Album: Lord Willin’

Over Pharrell’s bass and snares, Clipse gave accounts of accidentally seeing cocaine in their home as children and being told it was AJak. Also, the V.A. hustlers showcased their knack for vivid storytelling.

“Cot Damn” featuring Ab-Liva & Rosco P. Goldchain (2002)

Album: Lord Willin’

This was a track with the Re-Up Gang. Over The Neptunes radio-friendly sound, Re-Up Gang’s gritty street lyrics were captivating. But, it was Goldchain’s unorthodox flow that stole the scene with his straight to the point lyrics like, “What’s the best way to get money? / Pull your gun….watch the situation be corrected.” Wrapping it all together was Pharrell’s catchy hook that kept “Cot Damn” stuck  in your head.

“Ma, I Don’t Love Her” featuring Faith Evans (2002)

Album: Lord Willin’

Clipse stepped out of their comfort zone on the Faith Evans-assisted track. No Malice and Pusha convinced forlorn women to stay with them after they’ve been caught cheating. With a memorable hook and lines like “who spend like I spend? / Then act like it then,” and “could it be my whip appeal or my babyface?…” Clipse found another spot on radio stations in 2002.

“When The Last Time” (2002)

Album: Lord Willin’

Again, Clipse showed their versatility by giving accounts of what goes on in the club. Straight fire.

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  • SparklingMineral

    momma I’m so sorry……….

  • mdoggdx316

    That “whip appeal” line is actually from “When the Last Time”, not “Ma I Don’t Love Her”. Also, “Gangsta Lean” is one of the most obvious weed metaphors I’ve heard in any song. C’mon son, get it together XXL.