10 Rappers Who Should Get In The Ring With George Zimmerman


50 Cent

50 Cent is a longtime fight fan and boxing promoter, plus has no problems with beefs. Enough said.

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  • http://fuckedyobitch.com/ suigetsuthirsty

    ill fight him

  • los

    Really? P.I.? He got his azz beat when he went lookin for Flip! Gunplay would put up a better fight than the queen!come on XXL y’all could of did better with that one…

    • kbperth

      Was thinking Gunplay before any other rapper

  • http://dooley76.wix.com/dooleysworld Dooley

    Gunplay weak as Hell

  • mike

    lol they would pick all black people to fight him

  • LuiKang

    I thought BIG PUN was the one who cracked the bottle over JIGGA’s HEAD?

  • JamericanPoet

    Watch out yall even if it was a set up fight i feel george will say that the fight was unprovoked and shoot you dead. Just saying don;t take him up in a set up fight in a stand your ground state.