Yesterday news broke by TMZ that Suge Knight would rather be called “N*$ga” rather than “African-American.” This sent the viral world into a frenzy discussing the use of the n-word. Well today, YG, who hit record out right now is called "My Ni**a" chimed in and told TMZ that now the word is a sign of friendship.

"For people using that word, to uplift their friend, saying that's my homie, that's my friend, then its love," says YG "The word has history to it and a lot of people been through a lot of that stuff because of that word so I feel what the people who be tripping off of it coming from but that word regardless, people don't like other people saying it. People are going to use it regardless."

Controversy also erupted over the poll TMZ has in the Suge Knight post where they say "We gotta ask.. Refer to black people as African American or Ni**a"