Blue Ivy Carter And North West’s 2013 In Photos

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  • North West 1
    The world meets North West
  • Blue Ivy 6
  • Blue Ivy 5
    Blue Ivy puts her best foot forward
  • Blue Ivy 15
    Blue Ivy in Beyonce's "Blue" video
  • North West 5
    North West holds tight
  • Blue Ivy 9
    Blue Ivy travels incognito
  • Blue Ivy 12
    Don't mess with the Carters
  • Blue Ivy 7
    With every passing year, it seems more and more rappers are bestowing large than life names on their kids.Especially when it comes to their daughters, hardcore MC's get cutely creative for their little ones’ names. It’s obvious these artists never looked in a baby names book. Whether it's naming them after colors, planets, brands or places, rappers have made a habit of giving their daughters names that separate them from the pack, almost asserting their rap royalty from birth. With total disregard for tradition or trend, these rappers name their baby girls the most eccentric things they can think up. Here are 11 of the most outlandish examples of daughter of rappers with interesting names.
  • Blue Ivy 3
    Blue Ivy has an angel on her side
  • Blue Ivy 4
    Blue Ivy hits the beach with Beyonce
  • North West 6
    North West gets art lessons from Jeff Koons
  • Blue Ivy 10
  • North West 9
    North West makes a tiny fist for grandma Kris Jenner
  • North West 2
    North West gets into the wrap game
  • Blue Ivy 14
    Blue Ivy
  • Blue Ivy 13
    Jay Z and Beyoncé's daughter Blue Ivy
  • North West 4
    North West
  • Blue Ivy 11
  • North West 3
    North West
  • North West 8
    North West with Khloe Kardashian
  • Blue Ivy 1
    Beyonce & Blue Ivy
  • North West 7
    Kanye and Kim's daughter North West
  • North West 10
    Kendall Kardashian and North West
  • Blue Ivy 16
    Blue Ivy in Beyonce's "Blue" video

Jay Z and Beyoncé’s pride and joy, Blue Ivy, arrived in the world nearly two years ago on Jan. 7, 2012. On June 15, 2013, Baby Blue got a worthy playmate when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian welcomed their own baby daughter, North West, to the family. XXL has assembled a 2013 baby book of these two future powerhouses. Watch the throne? Watch the highchair.

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