Chance The Rapper has had a tremendous year. After releasing his Acid Rap debut, the Chicago rapper has grown immensely popular. With only a few days left on his Social Experiment Tour, Chano offers a short behind the scenes documentary that is just for his fans. It takes place during two of his sold out shows in Chicago and finds him reminiscing about his growth so far.

Here’s what else he had to say:

With little budget, experience or time for preparation, the team and I put together this #SocialExperiment Tour 2013. My first Tour. 43 shows. 18 person crew. 4 piece band. 1 Tour bus. 1 raw ass RV. This video represents positivity, love, friendship, musicianship, support and a whole lot of hard work. Big thanks and a Merry Xmas to every single person that made this possible, and everyone else who supported me like crazy this year.

- Chance


We're not sure what "Social Experiment" means, but let's hope it drops before 2013 is over.