Waka Flocka Flame didn't shy away when asked about Trinidad Jame$' recent fiery comments about The South running New York hip-hop, and instead jumped straight into the fray, expanding Jame$' comments outside of the birthplace of hip-hop.

"The South run music, period, they don't run just one region, one state, one genre; the South run music," he said in an interview with VladTV. "Kendrick Lamar made the bar look West, but the South still winning."

Jame$ said at a recent show in Brooklyn that the South "runs" New York City hip-hop, a claim that didn't sit well with many New York artists such as MysonneMainoAction BronsonSmoke DZAPapooseN.O.R.E.Hell Rell and even Hopsin. For the most part, other Southern rappers had left the issue alone until this point, before Waka weighed in today.

"It's friendly competition," he said. "Some people just get carried away."