Turk is using the media once again to air out his frustrations.

On Dec. 14, Turk was supposed to be part of a Hot Boys reunion concert featuring Juvenile and Mannie Fresh. In an interview with SOHH, the Louisiana rapper explained that he was promoting the show held in Mississippi for nearly a month. Suddenly, he got a phone call that told him Juve and Mannie didn’t want him on the bill. “Juve or Mannie's management called the promoter and told them either it's going to be them, which is Juve and Mannie Fresh, not showing up to the show or they would have to take me off and they're not getting their money back because they won't show up.”

He went on to say Juve or Mannie might be still holding a grudge for a viral video calling them out and YMCMB. Although he insists there was no beef between his former crew for not supporting him during his father's passing, the pair may see it differently. Read the rest of the interview below.

I just want people to know that no matter what happened in my personal life, like me losing my daddy, I was going to the show. But the promoter contacted my booking agent and they took my picture off the flyer. They had been promoting the show for about a month. I have the first picture and now the new one. The first one had Hot Boys, Turk, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh on it. Then once all this stuff turned up, they got the one with just Mannie Fresh and Juve.

To make a long story short, it ain't no beef. I'm not dissing them. If we're gonna get money together, let's get money together. I never had nothing personal against none of these guys. I'm just a real n*gga and I feel if there is a problem they should pull a n*gga up and let him know what it is.

I'm going to keep doing my thing. I have my own tour and my own thing that I'm doing. It's very successful. I'm hitting all of the hoods. They love me in the streets. I'm just loving it and I appreciate all the people that are still there for me in my camp. Salute to my camp and to J. Prince, who believed in me in this new partnership. Much love to Juvenile and Mannie Fresh, I wish them all the best. If we can make money together, then let's do that. It ain't no beef. I got love for everybody.

[via SOHH]