Timbaland Says There Are No Stars In This Generation Of Artists


Timbaland was featured in New York Magazine‘s 2013 Culture Awards issue, and in the extensive story he unleashed his thoughts on the state of music today as opposed to his own heyday in the late-1990s and throughout the majority of the 2000s.

“Every year changes, every generation,” he told the mag, speaking about how surprised he was when he was no longer making hit after hit after hit. “I feel like I was getting whacked… The music of today, it’s not like the music I’m making.”

Timbo stayed quiet for a few years before making a triumphant return to the spotlight this year, fueled by his work on Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience and Jay Z’s Magna Carta…Holy Grail, both of which were nominated for Grammys this year. Yet those are two artists whose popularity was at its zenith when Timbaland was the hottest thing behind the boards, and now all three are aging warriors in a profession that may no longer need them.

“They have no stars in this generation,” Timbo said, though he made an exception for Drake, who will appear on his new album Textbook Timbo. “They have these D.J.’s, techno-whatever, that’s not music. That just goes to show you that drugs is that popular… I don’t want to feel like I’m dissing people. Because guess what, they found a way to make a living for theyself. So who am I to dis the next man who know how to make a living for theyself?”

Read the rest of the interview—which is extensive and worth it—right here.

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  • BrianRaider

    “No One Killin The Game… Shit Is All For The Taking!!!”
    OK So Timbaland Has Been My Favorite Producer For Like Forever BUT… I Have To Disagree Here. To Me Most, MOST Of The People In Music Who Get Famous For Their Music Have Talent! I Think There Are Plenty Of Stars In Music Today!!! Timbaland, Jay, Justin Still Shine Bright In Today’s Climate. The New Generation Has Stars Too! The Game, Kendrick Lamar, My New Nigga Travi$ Scott. I Think When Fame Is Reached By An Artist It Is For A Reason! Sometimes When Fame Isn’t Reached There Are Artist Who Still Shine Bright In The Underground To Their Fans(HINT HINT!!! ahahahahah!)!!! Tim Is My Favorite Producer , Wayne Is My Favorite Rapper Living & For Good Reason. Timbaland’s Under Underrated Debut LP “Tim’s Bio” Is Stellar!!! It Is Very Similar To The Chronic In Ways!!! I Hope Tim Does It Again!!! #SALUTE

    • Chong

      Honestly Man, Stop With The Caps Use. Looks So Bad, Faggot! #BELLWIFF

  • Asger H. Müller

    don’t fucking tell me Kendrick, schoolboy, ab soul, danny brown, action bronson, earl sweatshirt etc. aren’t stars!!

  • jay

    Just because you dont like house music doesnt mean there is no more music. Remember that’s what they used to say about hip hop when it first started. And you don’t have to be on drugs to like swedish house mafia or calvin harris, avicci or kaskade. They are all great artists. Instead of making such ignorant statements, you should do what you do best and stay current, make hits,mixes with these artists that are now rocking the world. Sometimes hip hop is still stuck on bling bling and same old. House has positive attitude atleast. At the end of the day people will listen to what they want to listen to.